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Whether you need to reach out to potential sellers or buyers on a consistent basis, advertise a Just Listed or Just Sold, or let everyone know you successfully helped a buyer purchase a home, we can take the burden of designing and implementing away from you.  With marketing, consistency and messaging is key.  Let us handle the details, keep your marketing plan on task and on brand.

Review our marketing services outlined below to get started.

Social Media and Email Subscription Marketing Services

Struggling to keep up with the monthly marketing demands?   Let us take care of creating, designing, coordinating, and all of the details in between to consistently execute on your marketing plan. Stay top of mind while not sacrificing any additional time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become increasingly important as not only a method for staying top of mind with your sphere but also becoming a powerful lead-generating tool.  The challenge is staying consistent and relevant as social platforms evolve, change algorithms, and the sheer volume of content increases.  That's where we come in with tiered packages that offer you the ability to increase your social media presence without breaking the budget.

All of our packages start with a consultation and include the creation of a comprehensive posting schedule, where appropriate. 

Social Account Creation

$50 per account

It all starts here - you can't harness the power of social channels if you don't have the appropriate Business Account.  We will set up your Business Account on the social channel of your choice.  This service includes a mini-best practices guide for the social channel being created.

Social Monthly Town Market Activity Posts

$268 for 3 months

2 social channels, 5 towns

  • Create on-brand, custom graphic

  • Identify key market metrics to track for the consumer audience

  • Generate relevant hashtags and captions for post

  • Research metrics and create content for up to 5 towns

  • Post on up to 2 social channels

  • PDF versions of market activity graphics will also be created for agent use by other mediums

Custom Social Media Campaign

Winning on social media means that one size does not fit all.  We work with you to understand your goals, your budget and your desired involvement level.  Together, we will create a strategy that you are comfortable with but strong enough to reach the outcome you want.  Book your consultation now to get started. 

Pricing is based on a rate of $48 per hour and will be agreed upon prior to work commencing.  A minimum 3 month commitment is required. 

E-mail Marketing 

$128 per email

3-month minimum commitment; can be paid monthly or in total for 3 months

  • 30-minute consult to identify needs, agent's existing email and newsletter systems, timeline, and course of action

  • Subscribe to an email marketing system if one does not exist, and create a profile with custom branding with logo, pictures, etc.

  • Advise you on your existing digital marketing efforts and best practices, modifications, etc. if there is an existing email newsletter

  • Agent to provide appropriate spreadsheets of contacts that need to be loaded into the database

  • Create timely and engaging digital content representative of each agent's brand and value proposition for email newsletters

  • Review the email marketing system's statistics on open rate, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.
    *Does not include cost of email marketing system

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